Kirimonites is a media riddle where a colony of actuating sensors comes to life through the automatic audio augmentation made possible by phones thirsty of video.

Several panels of spherical modules—some glowing via an LEDs, some containing HC-SR04 ultrasound sensors—spread out and demarcate a space that is nevertheless open and inviting to be walked into. The audience then approaches the instalation as a bee aproaches a flower, but the aesthetics of the built micro-environment makes unclear who is who.

Both the auditory experience of the audience and the funcionality of the HC-SR04 devices is augmented by the recording that the audience can do with their phones, automatically resampling the ultrasound emitted by the devices to frequencies audible during playback.

Exhibited at Goldsmiths, University Of London, as part of the MFA Computational Arts' end-of-year exhibition.

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